Retail & Transportation

Sustainable solutions to increase productivity and customer retention

The retail and transportation is a very competitive marketplace, placing pressure on pricing strategies and generating razor-thin margins. As commodity prices rise and the global economy continues to struggle, consumer businesses fight to obtain growth.
Some companies focus on expansion into new markets through organic growth or M&A and must integrate their IT infrastructure efficiently in order to ensure high productivity and gain economies of scale. Others focus on delivering the best possible customer experience and developing new retention and loyalty programs across multiple distribution channels. Consequently, these businesses require underlying ICT solutions to develop competitive advantages, increase business productivity, and build enduring consumer experiences.


  • Reliable and secure networking
  • Limit capital investments
  • Easy network footprint expansion
  • Improved resilience and flexibility of business operations
  • Access technologies attuned to business needs and location type
  • Enhanced online channel performance

  • Simplify crucial network infrastructure
  • Agile ICT to support expansion and modifications of store and distribution architecture
  • Ensure uninterrupted business operations
  • Integrate stores, distribution centers, and suppliers into a supply management platform to increase turnover and productivity
  • Increase consumer retention and satisfaction by improving experience and loyalty programs
  • Personalize customer’s shopping experience across a variety of devices
  • Converged IP Voice & Data Solutions – secure and scalable data and voice solutions enable easy branch expansion and configuration across Europe

  • Business Continuity Management (BCM) Solutions – safeguard operational process and critical ERP environments with underlying ICT solutions: Backup, Storage, Hybrid Cloud

  • Private and Hybrid Cloud Environments – agile and elastic cloud computing services reduce operating costs while maintaining critical supply chain management platforms

  • Data Center Solutions – robust colocation facilities to safeguard critical customer data with the highest levels of operational reliability

  • Customer Communication Solutions – integrate voice and SMS platforms to support customer retention and loyalty programs