Customers tools

Customer Handbook

Important contacts and useful procedures for BENESTRA customers. This document can be used as a tool for the efficient and precise reporting and resolving of technical cases and complaints.

  Customer Handbook


IVR recording

The customers using BENESTRA voice services can order recording of IVR (Interactive Voice Response) in professional quality. Voice samples are available at our website.



The BENESTRA WebMail service, as part of the Dial up and ADSL products allows you to browse your e-mail box using any web browser from any other computer connected to the Internet. All you need do is simply visit WebMail and enter your login name and password.


Customers' portal customer portal can be used for activation and configuration of individual services and additional services. You can use the portal to ascertain your payments ledger, check the volume of transferred data or as the case may be, make payments for services provided. The options provided by the portal allow you control over the services ordered.