TOI TOI Polska is part of the world's largest portable sanitation provider with nearly 30 years of business and operations experience in the European, Asian and United States markets. The corporation has been present in Poland since 1993 and it currently has 30 business units throughout the country.

Data Solutions



● Ensure reliable communication between the corporate head office and its individual business units based on a uniform ICT network
● Minimize the consequences of potential faults that may occur during data or voice sessions
● Optimize the cost of voice calls
● Enable a change process for data center services
● An ideal solution should be:
● multi-purpose, i.e. one that allows concurrent transmission of voice and data
● fully flexible and easily adaptable to business changes, such as the opening of new business units
● uniform, easy to manage and expand
● Start cooperation with a single provider of end-to-end ICT services (data transmission, voice services, data center services) with a single point of contact and single source invoicing
● Reduce IT team workload by eliminating its responsibility for ongoing network monitoring and maintenance


In response to the needs specified by TOI TOI Polska, a comprehensive end-to-end solution was offered, which covered data transmission, voice communications and a secure data center environment for ERP systems. The entire system is based on a secure corporate MPLS IP network separated from the public Internet. The network includes all business units throughout the country. The solution was designed to manage the costs of implementation and maintenance to the current and future needs of the customer. A number of stateof-the-art solutions were deployed, such as connecting the head office and the main branches of the company to the network by means of the IP Solution QoS service, which is capable of handling high volume data transfers. The minor business units, which generate less data, were linked to the network using the DSL Solution Plus service, which operates at a lower bitrate. In order to ensure network reliability, a backup network access service was implemented. At the sites that use the IP Solution service, the DSL Solution service was used as the backup system, and to those which rely on the DSL Solution as their primary connection, Mobile Solution, a service based on mobile GSM networks, was deployed as backup.

IP Telephony, a state-of-the-art  voice service, was also implemented,which allows the company to use its GTS created corporate network as the medium for voice calls, thus optimizing network use and reducing the cost of calls previously made over the traditional telephone network. The solution provided the customer's staff at each site with access to data stored on the corporate network and to the Internet, accessed through a single point on the network to increase security. GTS used its own data center infrastructure to provide the customer with access both to a sophisticated virtual solution and to a traditional collocation service. The Customer's ERP system was migrated to the virtual environment after the completion of successful tests, which finally convinced the company of the benefits of the proposed solution. The virtual environment provides the customer with instant, on-demand access to the computing power required.

Customer Benefits

● A secure and uniform corporate network that is:
● separated from the public Internet
● used for toll-free telephone calls between all business units (VoIP)
● easy to manage
● technologically transparent with increased reliability thanks to network connectivity backup services
● Single-point Internet access that was provided:
● reduced the customer's costs by replacing a few dozen lowthroughput access links with a single link
● increased security by reducing the number of Internet access lines that need to be monitored to a single line
● Data center services included a virtual solution ensuring instant, on-demand access to unlimited computing power thus making possible to reduce expenditures on the customer's own ICT infrastructure
● End-to-end telecom services were implemented and a single point of contact was assigned with a clear definition
● of responsibility for the proper operation
● of the entire ICT system and data center services.


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