Premium Number

Increase the profitability of your services

Premium Number gives your company a safe, fast, and effective way to monetize your services. This service addresses your company’s desire to generate new revenue sources while optimizing costs. If you’re a major content provider who wants to provide paid information or entertainment services over the phone, Premium Number is the ideal solution.


  • Simple, secure solution for service charge collection
  • Highly credible settlement system
  • Simple and seamless migration to the BENESTRA platform
  • Flexible and tailored solutions to meet your specific environment and requirements
  • Full proactive support in 24x7 Network Operations Centers

Premium Number is a comprehensive, cost-efficient, and reliable domestic inbound voice micropayment solution for all business types.

Key components:

  • Access number: Select from a selection of standard and mnemonic  premium phone numbers that are easily accessible from all domestic networks.

  • Inbound call service: Assurance that your customers pay each time they use your premium rate service.

  • Additional services: Obtain greater value by adding such services as announcements, conditional call routing, and interactive voice response (IVR).

With Premium Number, you can offer your customers an easier way to access your paid services whenever they wish. Value-added services such as conditional call routing, queuing, and IVR will maximize your call reception ratio, ensuring nonstop accessibility to information. In addition to fulfilling your technical requirements, BENESTRA ensures the payments due from users who access your content are settled properly.
Our professional-class micropayment voice solution offers a combination of advanced features, digital quality, a choice of pricing models, and full support for seamless service portability

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Premium Number is a complete voice payment solution for businesses of any size and a variety of purposes:

  • Access to paid telephone directories
  • Micropayments for basic services such as consulting and social networking
  • Pay-per-access to participate in quizzes and competitions 
  • Donation collection channel for charities
  • Televoting for the entertainment business
  • Paid access to adult content
  • Chat services 
A comprehensive inbound voice solution that offers:
  • Quick monetization – service deployment without major investments
  • Easy setup – just select the desired premium calling rate, access number, and target number
  • Easy to provide – integrates seamlessly with your company’s existing PBXs and access technologies
  • Effective charging for services or information using either a cumulative or single rate
  • Free number portability from your current operator, with minimal formalities and full support during the entire migration process
  • Easy cost and revenue control with free reporting and detailed billing
  • Service Level Agreement guaranteeing uninterrupted business operations

Premium Number addresses your need to monetize your services through a voice solution while optimizing costs. The service enables you to provide prospective customers with the exceptional content they are seeking, along with a simple and convenient payment solution for accessing this content. BENESTRA administers all types of premium numbers with differing rates.

BENESTRA offers Premium Number in Slovakia.

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The Premium Number service offers several charging options and tariffs to meet your specific requirements and preferences according to content type. BENESTRA offers a revenue sharing option; as our customer, you receive a portion of the charges that your users pay for using your premium-rate services.