International Special Number

Offer outstanding care to your international customers

International operations require efficient world-class solutions in order to strengthen and maintain ongoing contact with customers. If you operate on an international level, International Special Number can help boost your company’s prestige and global recognition. The service enables your customers to reach you quickly and easily from over 80 countries throughout the world.


  • Open communication channel for your customers
  • Strengthens company prestige
  • Ensures uninterrupted business operations
  • Use of one contact number in several countries reduces promotion costs
  • Flexible solutions to meet your specific environment and requirements
  • Full proactive support in 24x7 Network Operations Centers
International Special Number is a comprehensive, cost-efficient, reliable inbound international voice service. 

The service comes with a phone number that is accessible from more than 80 countries. Increase awareness of your brand by choosing a number that is easy to remember.

Key Components:

  • International Freephone – for enhanced global brand awareness and prestige
    • Eliminates reluctance to call for more information about your company’s products and services
    • Gives customers easy access to your company – increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • International Shared Cost – a highly effective international inbound service
    • The best option for financing inbound call management
    • Reduces risk of receiving malicious calls

Additional services

These additional services help you optimize your call reception resources and ensure that customers have quick and easy access to your company. Explore additional functionalities such as conditional call routing, queuing, interactive voice response (IVR), or voicemail options.

Our enterprise-class international inbound communication solution offers a combination of advanced features, digital quality, and a selection of service options.

Improve your company’s accessibility by enabling your international customers to call your company at any time simply by dialing one phone number. Our service can help you handle calls conditionally depending on the hour, day of the week, day of the year, and/or the caller’s number. IVR communication enables your company to provide automatic responses to standard questions, saving time for your customer service representatives, and improving their productivity.

International Special Number delivers a complete international inbound voice solution for businesses of all sizes.

Many customers use International Special Number to handle their international inbound voice requirements:

  • Small businesses increase their competitive advantage and visibility on foreign markets by using an easy-to-remember number and by providing prospective and existing customers with the opportunity to contact them free of charge
  • Large companies increase the productivity of their global customer relationship management teams through improved availability and reliability of their international inbound voice solution
  • International call centers handling a large volume of calls want a reliable, customizable, cost-efficient solution

International Special Number is designed for companies that need a simple and effective tool to communicate with their international customers. They can use the service to provide these customers with information about products and services and access to applications, make sales and bookings, and deploy IVR.
A comprehensive international inbound voice solution that offers:
  • Easy setup – select the desired country, service option, access number, and target number options
  • Seamless integration with your company’s existing PBXs and access technologies
  • Easy cost control with free reporting and detailed billing
  • Service Level Agreement guaranteeing uninterrupted operations

Service Options

The International Special Number service is available in two options:

  • International Freephone
The service gives international callers free access to your company so that they can get the information they need at any time, from any of over 80 countries throughout the world. This simple solution imposes no costs on prospective clients and is a highly feasible means of communicating with a wide range of customers.

The International Freephone service uses two types of access numbers:
  • IFN – uses an access number that complies with the respective valid numbering plans of international destinations. Therefore, the customer has a different access number* assigned to each destination. Number selection is not available.
  • UIFN – uses a Universal International Freephone Number that is assigned by the International Telecommunication Union. The customer thus has one common freephone number that can be used in all the countries that BENESTRA covers.*
  • International Shared Cost

This service gives international callers a practical, simple, and affordable means of communicating with your company. The caller pays a portion of the calling fee, making this a highly cost-effective service. The low cost to the receiving party, the attractive rate for the calling party, and the reduced frequency of malicious calls make this service a very advantageous communication tool.

* UIFN and IFN number availability and functionality dependent on country. Ask our consultant for details.

International Special Number can be activated in more than 80 countries worldwide.

International Special Number is offered in two options to meet your specific requirements and preferences:
  • International Freephone
    • Your customers can call your number for free
    • Receiving party covers the calling costs

  • International Shared Cost
    • Cost-effective option in which the customer calls you for less than the normal international calling rate, but not free of charge
    • Receiving party covers part of the calling costs

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