Indirect Voice

Indirect Voice is a public telephone service that enables you easily to save money on telephone calling, whether you are starting out as a self-employed business person or running a large corporation. Using so-called “Carrier Selection”, all your outgoing calls will be automatically routed to the BENESTRA network. Indirect Voice offers you a simple option to use truly professional telecommunication services. We enable you to call at more advantageous prices to all of your suppliers, business partners and customers.


  • This service is available across the entire Slovakia, can be set up quickly and does not require changes to your existing telephone infrastructure
  • Savings of costs for calling in to all directions with high quality of voice
  • Your telephone number does not change and you do not need to dial any prefixes
  • No additional equipment is necessary.
  • Individual approach to each customer as a matter of course.
Indirect Voice allows you to make calls from your current phone line via BENESTRA network. It is enabled by using Carrier-Selection function (CS).It  can be used for outgoing local, trunk, and international calls, calls to cellular networks, and dial-up Internet access. Incoming calls are routed to your existing number and by means of your existing provider's network (your existing telephone number does not change). The connection of your PBX or other equipment (telephone, fax, modem) is not going to be changed. Each call is routed to the BENESTRA public telephone network by means of a fixed setting on the existing provider's telephone exchange.
Using Indirect Voice you can make international phone calls to more than 230 countries worldwide, including calls to cellular networks, local and trunk calls all over the Slovakia, and to the cellular networks of all operators (T-Mobile, Orange and Telefonica O2).
Indirect Voice is convenient and flexible solution of voice services for home/ small offices or for local branches of bigger companies. In combination with service Direct Voice it creates complete solution with unlimited coverage on whole territory of Slovakia.
You can utilize all existing equipment like PBX, fixed phones, payment terminals etc. It is possible due to using of access line with standard ISDN interface.
Interfaces for voice transmissions:
  • analogue nxPOTS
  • digital nxBRI (EuroISDN 2)
  • digital nx2 Mbit/s (E1 with K signaling)
  • digital nx2 Mbit PRI (EuroISDN 30)
Fax, groups 3 and 4 (14.4 kbit/s or 64 kbit/s)
Data transmission speed n× 64 kbit/s (max. 56 kbit/s on analogue lines)
Indirect Voice is available across entire Slovakia.

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