Direct Voice

Communication that grows your business

Regardless of your company’s line of business, you must be accessible to your existing and prospective customers. Your employees need reliable communication tools that develop and strengthen your interaction with clients and partners. Direct Voice is a comprehensive, cost-efficient, and reliable voice solution for all types of businesses. Our inclusive tariff plans will help you optimize budgets, no matter your company’s size and communication needs. BENESTRA offers IP Centrex functionality for multinational corporations looking for more complete voice solutions. We understand the importance of your business operations and can seamlessly migrate you to BENESTRA's voice platforms while you keep your current phone numbers and features.


  • Ensures uninterrupted business operations
  • Flexible tariff plans with flat rate or usage-based billing
  • No capital investment
  • Connect to your locations across the region
  • Simple and seamless migration to the BENESTRA voice platform
  • Flexible and tailored solutions to meet your specific environment and requirements
  • Full and proactive support in 24x7 Network Operations Centers


Direct Voice is a comprehensive, cost-efficient and reliable voice solution for businesses of any size. 

Key components:

  • Private Branch Exchange (PBX) Options: Choose which exchange option best fits your business; these options include Customer PBX, Managed PBX, or Virtual PBX.

  • Access Options: BENESTRA supports all types of access technologies. Choose from six basic access options.

  • Voice Tariff Plans: Select the tariff plan that best meets your voice requirements. 

Our enterprise-class voice solution offers a combination of basic features, digital quality, unlimited calling to all destinations, custom numbering ranges, and full support for number portability.

We can provide the Direct Voice service through a wide range of technical solutions to ensure easy integration with your company’s current IT infrastructure. Number portability guarantees seamless migration of your services and functionality to the BENESTRA voice platform. Whether you want to connect a single location or hundreds of locations across one common exchange system, your business will benefit from the IP Centrex functionality.


Many customers use Direct Voice as a complete solution for all their voice requirements:

  • Large businesses gain an increase in productivity from the improved reliability and features of their chosen voice solution
  • Call centers handling a large volume of calls require a reliable and cost-efficient solution
  • Customers with multiple offices desire a fully integrated and managed IP Centrex communication platform to guarantee uninterrupted and hassle-free business operations
  • Customers with small offices need a dependable and economical service with flat-rate pricing
A comprehensive voice solution that offers:
  • Technology agnostic - BENESTRA provides the best available technology
  • Easy setup – select only the desired amount of phone numbers and interfaces
  • Seamless integration with your company’s existing PBXs and access technologies
  • Free number portability from your current operator with minimal formalities and full support during the entire migration process
  • Easy cost control with free reporting and detailed billing
  • Service Level Agreement guaranteeing uninterrupted operations

PBX Options

The BENESTRA exchange provides connections between phone lines at a single office or multiple offices of an organization:

  • Customer PBX: Customer keeps their existing PBX infrastructure and BENESTRA ensures its full integration into the entire voice solution.
  • Managed PBX: For the most demanding customers, this solution exceeds the standard Centrex functionality. It’s a tailor-made BENESTRA dedicated PBX solution engineered and managed by BENESTRA experts.
  • Virtual PBX: A fully supported hosted exchange in the BENESTRA cloud, which supports all IP access technology options and IP Centrex functionality. Important features include:
    • Zero-investment and unlimited free calling within the corporate network
    • Handling public and short extension dialing
    • Directory services
    • Call forwarding, call waiting, call transfer, conditional routing, and much more


Access options

Direct Voice offers a variety of access options that allows you to connect to any location regardless of the interface type or infrastructure.

Common features for all access options:
  • Bi-directional communication with new or ported number ranges
  • All types of call destinations including local, domestic long distance, international and fixed-to-mobile
  • Comprehensive usage reporting with online accessibility  
  • Call blocking, forwarding, and many other additional features
Access Options Description
IP Trunk Multichannel access to the Direct Voice platform through any device supporting either SIP Trunk, IAX Trunk, or H.323 Trunk
ISDN PRA Up to 30 channels of digital access for connecting premise-based PBX
ISDN BRA Two channels of digital access for connecting with the PBX or telephone directly
IP Line IP line configured on an IP phone or IP gateway supporting SIP
IP Phone IP line equipped with an IP phone that BENESTRA implements and configures
Classic Line Traditional analogue line to connect telephone or basic PBX


Service Level Agreement

BENESTRA provides the highest quality in a Service Level Agreement (SLA). The SLA includes a monthly availability guarantee, a mean time to repair for qualified failures, and BENESTRA responsibility for non-compliance.
BENESTRA provides Direct Voice across its entire core network footprint covering Slovakia.

To learn more, contact us.
The Direct Voice service is available in the following options to meet your specific requirements and preferences:
  • Unlimited Tariff (flat rate)
    Many enterprises require predictable voice costs. For a fixed monthly fee, the customer can call domestic fixed and mobile numbers as well as a number of selected international destinations.
  • Packages of Minutes
    One size does not fit all. Depending on the size of the business, the customer may choose to pay for a set volume of minutes per month. The larger the volume, the lower the per-minute rate.
  • Usage-Based Billing
    Customers with unpredictable or seasonal voice traffic use GTS’ usage-based billing to lower monthly costs.