IP Transit

A single gateway to superior quality Internet

IP Transit is a carrier-grade Internet transit service that enables ISPs, content providers, ASPs, and carriers to deliver high-quality Internet connectivity to their customers. Our regional IP network helps you meet your growing customer demands and improve customer satisfaction, application performance, and international connectivity.
IP Transit provides you with a unique IP connectivity solution designed to boost your network, thereby enriching user experience and satisfaction when they are streaming content, interacting with social media networks, and collaborating in the cloud.


  • Easy access to carrier-grade networks of global operators
  • Accelerate access to rich media content
  • Increase customer satisfaction and save operational costs with our smart IP connectivity
  • First-class reliability and performance secured by a Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Full proactive support in 24x7 Network Operations Centers
The IP Transit is a wholesale product designed to enable ISPs, content providers, ASPs, and carriers to provide their customers with dedicated IP (IPv4 and IPv6) connectivity. The service comprises international IP capacity and access to BENESTRA's numerous national and international peering points.
BENESTRA is an operator with its own presence in local peering node in the SIX,  and in major international peering nodes in Frankfurt am Main (DE-CIX), Amsterdam (AMSIX), London (LINX), and Vienna (VIX) and direct connction to the Google platform.
Key advantages:

  • The fastest access to global carrier networks
  • Flexible speed options and traffic fraction polices
  • A complete solution: access, transit, and an unmatched level of service

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Through our extensive state-of-the-art transport backhaul networks and hundreds of peering service agreements, IP Transit offers providers a unique platform which

  • Provides connectivity for fast high-quality video streaming, social media usage, and cloud computing
  • Generates considerable cost savings when compared with the costs of dedicated peering agreements, individual bandwidth commitments, and company-owned or rented backhaul transport connectivity
IP Transit enables the transfer of the international and domestic TCP/IP traffic by using dynamic routing (BGP protocol). The throughput is customizable and can reach up to 10Gbps. The purchased band is symmetrical and guaranteed. BENESTRA offers the service either at one of the BENESTRA POPs or at your end users’ premises through our Ethernet service.
Feature IP Transit
Extensive bandwidth portfolio 100Mbps – 10Gbps
Wide range of POPs ~ 2000
Wide range of availability in BENESTRA Data Center 15 data centers in CEE region
Customer interface Ethernet port
BGP support yes
Burstable billing yes
Performance monitoring yes
Strong SLA yes

BENESTRA provides the IP Transit service in Slovakia and also inother countries throughout several international POPs located throughout Europe, including Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey, Moldova, and Croatia.

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