Internet DSL

Affordable high-speed Internet access

A reliable and cost-effective Internet connection is vital to the productivity of your company’s branch employees, remote employees, and business partners. BENESTRA can provide you with top-quality fixed-line Internet connectivity to meet your specific business needs, regardless of your company’s size and the type of information you share. Internet DSL is ideal for small offices and remote workers. The service provides a permanent high-speed asymmetrical Internet connection, supporting voice, video collaboration and access to global information and corporate resources.


  • Internet connectivity anywhere
  • Quick installation - connect your business to the Internet in just a few days
  • Economical and reliable Internet connectivity for small branches
  • Easily expand your business through our global service coverage
  • Increase availability and productivity of your remote workforce
  • Full proactive support in 24x7 Network Operations Center
The Internet DSL service provides you with permanent high-speed asymmetrical Internet access. The service is based on Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) technology, which uses an existing telephone line as a broadband medium for fast and secure high-quality data transmission. 
Key advantages:

  • Quick installation – within less than a few business days
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Simple setup, operation, and maintenance

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Internet DSL provides cost-effective permanent high-speed Internet access that
  • Connects small offices and your remote workforce
  • Provides a simple, rapid-access LAN solution
  • Enables telecommunters to use IP voice and video communication platforms
  • Affordable backup to primary symmetrical Internet access 
Service components:

  • Asymmetrical access line with speeds of up to 20 Mbit/s
  • Equipment configuration support
  • Customer premises equipment (CPE)
  • Network address translation (NAT) to connect many end users
  • DHCP server for router functionality with NAT
  • IP addresses
  • Additional web and email hosting services available

Bandwidth variants:
  • 8192 / 1024 kbps
  • 15360 / 1024 kbps
  • 20480 / 1024 kbps
BENESTRA provides Internet DSL services across whole Slovakia. Technical feasibility check is needed.

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