Connect your business to the Internet

The Internet has transformed the way the business world transacts and exchanges information. Your company uses the Internet to interface with customers, partners, and employees and access critical information and applications to run your business. In order for you to compete and grow, you need a powerful, reliable, and secure Internet access solution. BENESTRA offers top-quality high-speed Internet connectivity that can help your teams obtain vital information faster, enabling your company to focus on its core business.


  • Connect any location with a wide selection of symmetrical access options
  • Secure guaranteed bandwidth
  • Easily expand your business with scalable Internet solutions
  • First-class reliability and performance secured by a Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Increase productivity using smart new Internet applications
  • Attractive fixed pricing
  • Deliver a superior customer experience
  • Full proactive support in 24x7 Network Operations Centers
Internet is a fully-managed symmetrical Internet access solution that we monitor throughout the entire IP network and along the access line to the Ethernet interface of your managed customer premises equipment.
The service can be delivered via a number of access circuit types such as fiber, SHDSL, point-to-point or point-to-multipoint professional radios. You can choose from a full range of bandwidths between 1Mbps to 10Gbps.

Internet service is a premium Internet access solution that provides a reliable and secure high-speed Internet connection that is neither shared nor oversubscribed and comes with guaranteed performance parameters in accordance with a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

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The Internet service is the ideal solution for customers looking for fully managed enterprise-grade high-speed Internet connectivity that:
  • Improves corporate activities by providing fast access to critical business information
  • Provides secure uninterrupted access to cloud applications
  • Provides continuous access to market intelligence
  • Enables your company to deliver a better experience for your customers, partners, and employees
  • Simplifies the sale of your products and services through online properties
  • Enables you to explore and create new media programs to reach and communicate with your partners
  • Dedicated bandwidth: 1Mbps – 10Gbps
  • Best-of-class IP networks: access to largest Internet service providers in the world
  • Wide range of access technologies including fiber, SDSL, professional PtP or PtMP radios
  • Backup access lines include: ISDN2, ADSL, second dedicated line
  • DHCP server for router functionality with network address translation (NAT)
  • Public IP addresses
  • IPv6 readiness
  • CPE management
  • Performance monitoring
  • Additional web and email hosting services available
  • Top-quality service with competitive SLAs: the SLA guarantees monthly availability of the service, time-to-repair, and financial responsibility for non-compliance.
BENESTRA provides Internet across its entire extensive network footprint covering Slovakia and, in cooperation with our partners, also other countries including the ones in Central and Western Europe, North America, the Balkans, the Baltics, Turkey, Ukraine, and Russia.

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