Media Line

Fast high-quality media streaming

As audience expectations evolve, the increasing number of high-definition (HD) transmissions and access to digital content has boosted demand for high-quality video streaming. Media distributors and contributors need a robust video signal for post-production or broadcasting, and thus require a specialized solution from a reliable partner. Traditional satellite solutions are technically limited and cannot satisfy the desires of today’s users. The Media Line service is capable of transporting a wide range of media formats, including HDTV and JPEG, over the BENESTRA fiber optic network on either a permanent or occasional use basis.


  • Connect your venue and studios anywhere through extensive service coverage
  • Your valuable content is protected in our secure and resilient network
  • Improve user experience through fiber transmission
  • First-class reliability and performance secured by a Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Full proactive support in 24x7 Network Operations Centers
Media Line is the most professional and practical solution for media contribution and distribution. The rapidly increasing demand for satellite transponders has made costs a burden for media companies. Media Line provides a terrestrial solution for primary distribution that assures flexibility, resilience, and the highest signal quality. High-definition video content can be distributed to large numbers of affiliates easily. Flexibility, scalability, professional management, industry-standard interfaces, and high coverage are the principal advantages of the service.

Our optical backbone network delivers high-capacity connectivity and outstanding geographical reach throughout Central and Eastern Europe.
The service can be set up for:

  • Permanent use – when you need to connect a contribution center to your distribution network or make a stable connection between a production center and a studio
  • Occasional use – when you need a temporary media link for online transmission such as sporting events, concerts, or conferences
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Media Line is a solution designed specifically for the media market. Whether your company is a content producer or a content distributor, we can enable you to handle:

  • Distribution – transmission of media content (TV programs, films, multimedia files, etc.) with local, national, and international reach. Example: distribution of TV programs from primary distribution to cable TV/ IPTV/satellite TV operators.

  • Contribution – interconnection of venue locations with production studios, or interconnection of multiple TV studios. Example: connecting TV studios with sports stadiums or entertainment venues.

  • Special events – multimedia interconnection of two or more places for a specific one-time event. Example: interconnecting hospitals for the transmission of surgical procedures.
The Media Line service is available in two options:
  • Managed – the managed service offering relies on the utilization of a media gateway. The GTS media management system controls management of the service. This option enables you to select additional services such as lossless or dual-homing protection.

  • Unmanaged – the unmanaged service offering is a data connection solution that uses a media gateway, offering superior media signal transportation reinforced by professional support and a high-end SLA.
Features Parameters
managed service unmanaged service
Bandwidths 2Mbps - 10Gbps 2Mbps - 10Gbps
Media gateway equipment yes no
Management BENESTRA customer
Transport type MPEG over ASI or IP / SD / HD over SDI data in frames
Interface capacities  ASI: 2Mbps-200Mbps 10/100 Base - T /
100/1000 Base-TX/SX/LX /
10G Base-SR / 10G Base-LR
SD-SDI: 270Mbps
HD-SDI: 1.5 Gbps
HD-3G-SDI: 3Gbps
JPEG2000 compression available, optionally
 IP:  < 1Gbp
Protection time yes / 0ms
(lossless, dual homing)
yes / up to 50ms

BENESTRA provides Media Line across its entire extensive network footprint covering Slovakia and, in cooperation with our partners, also other countries including the ones in Central and Western Europe, North America, the Balkans, the Baltics, Turkey, Ukraine, and Russia.

Media Line can be purchased either as a line for permanent use or as a temporary service for occasional use.
The permanent use model ensures service setup and long-term maintenance. The model is specifically dedicated for establishing connections between fixed locations.
The occasional use model is the ideal option short-term events lasting a few days, weeks, or months.

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