Run your business, not your network

The IP VPN service provides you with a flexible connection for all your branches throughout the world. It offers you a private cloud environment for your office locations and their LANs and IT systems. IP VPN is a reliable, secure, and private IP solution that enables you to easily consolidate all your traffic and improve the performance of your applications through Quality of Service (QoS) routing. The service is a fully carrier-managed solution that streamlines your network routing management, capacity planning, and your company’s potential expansion.


  • Increased productivity with reliable connectivity for all your employees in large offices, remote offices, as well as those working from home
  • Gain simple, hassle-free scalability to hundreds or even thousands of endpoints
  • Optimized network design increases productivity and simplifies operations
  • Reduced costs with a smart, optimized network
  • Easily expand your business through our global service coverage
  • First-class reliability and performance secured by a Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Full proactive support in 24x7 Network Operations Centers

The IP VPN service provides any-to-any data communication between local area networks (LAN) and computer systems located in geographically distributed locations via a secure private wide area network (WAN).
IP VPN is implemented through the IP/MPLS network, which assures that each individual VPN is securely and logically separated from other VPNs and from the Internet. IP VPN offers five Classes of Service (CoS).
IP VPN is a fully managed service that BENESTRA monitors throughout its backbone and access network, right up to the LAN interface of your customer premises equipment (CPE), which delivers the service.
The preferred solution is that BENESTRA provides and manages your CPE. BENESTRA also supports unmanaged CPE, where your company manages the CPE and configures value-added services directly.

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With IP VPN, your business can deploy an extensive network topology with flexible bandwidth options and fully meshed data communication that solves several operational challenges, including:
  • Intra-company IP communication within a large network of widely distributed sites
  • Large network management simplification by outsourcing routing management and implementing intelligent value-added services
  • Creation of a flexible network to support business growth in new markets, essential for consumer-oriented businesses, retail and transportation networks, and banks
  • Creation of a multimedia network for unified communication and collaboration platforms
  • Mobile access to company applications via Remote Access Server
IP VPN integrates WAN connectivity in the cloud with a comprehensive set of access solutions, supported by many features that increase productivity and reliability.
Feature Managed IP VPN Unmanaged IP VPN
Extensive bandwidth portfolio 1Mbps – 1Gbps 1Mbps – 1Gbps
Wide range of access technologies fiber / ADSL / SDSL /
professional PtP or PtMP radios /
cellular mobile access  
fiber / ADSL / SDSL /
professional PtP or PtMP radios /
cellular mobile access 
CPE management BENESTRA Customer
QoS support 5 classes 5 classes
Backup by ISDN2 yes no
Backup by ADSL yes no
Backup by second line yes yes
Remote access via public Internet yes yes
Performance monitoring yes yes
SLA guarantees yes yes

BENESTRA provides IP VPN across its entire extensive network footprint covering Slovakia and, in cooperation with our partners, also other countries including the ones in Central and Western Europe, North America, the Balkans, the Baltics, Turkey, Ukraine, and Russia.

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