Ethernet VPN

A powerful data communication solution

Our state-of-the-art Ethernet virtual private network (VPN) service helps your business grow by providing a flexible communication solution that supports your vital applications and IT environments with data and voice services. Ethernet VPN satisfies the growing demand for high-volume intra-company communication through fast and scalable any-to-any connection topology. The service provides dedicated, reliable, and secure connections that improve network traffic control, enhance application performance, and help protect valuable business information.


  • Network connectivity for your branches, wherever they are located, through flexible access solutions
  • Optimized network design increases productivity and simplifies operations
  • Homogenous Ethernet network that meets international standards
  • Reduce costs through a top-rated WAN networking solution
  • Easily expand your business through our global service coverage
  • First-class reliability and performance secured by a Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Full proactive support in 24x7 Network Operations Centers



The Ethernet VPN service enables you to create any-to-any connections of your Ethernet Local Area Networks (LAN) so that your company branches can operate as a single office in a flexible and cost-effective manner.


The service can be delivered in two service configurations:

  • Ethernet Private LAN (EP-LAN) – a port-based service through which you can easily manage data protocols and create your own VLANs. The EP-LAN service option provides a high level of data protocol transparency. By configuring multiple CE-VLAN IDs you can create and manage several virtual networks over a single port for different business applications.

  • Ethernet Virtual Private LAN (EVP-LAN) – port + VLAN based (802.1Q) service option that provides limited protocol transparency. The EVP-LAN service is a comprehensive, easy-to-manage variant that allows service multiplexing at the end user's site.
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Ethernet VPN enables you to deploy a high bandwidth, full-mash data communication system that solves several operational challenges, including:

  • High bandwidth LAN-to-LAN intra-company communication between customer branches
  • Low-latency solutions supporting time sensitive applications
  • Real-time replication and synchronization of high-volume data among servers and data storage units in geographically dispersed locations and data centers  
  • Traffic prioritization of critical applications through QoS support
  • Platforms that support real-time HD and ultra-HD (4k) video 

Extensive bandwidth portfolio 1Mbps – 1Gbps 1Mbps – 1Gbps
Wide range of access technologies fiber / SDSL /
professional PtP or PtMP Radios
fiber / SDSL /
professional PtP or PtMP Radios
VLAN management customer BENESTRA
QoS support 3 classes 3 classes
Service multiplexing no yes
Min. frame size guaranteed 1534 Bytes 1522 Bytes
Max. frame size supported 2000 Bytes 2000 Bytes
Unicast/Multicast/Broadcast support yes yes
Layer 2 control protocol transparency yes no
MEF E-LAN compliance yes yes
Strong SLA yes yes
Value-added services performance monitoring / service protection in the last mile performance monitoring / service protection in the last mile

BENESTRA provides Ethernet VPN across its entire extensive network footprint covering Slovakia and, in cooperation with our partners, also other countries including the ones in Central and Western Europe, North America, the Balkans, the Baltics, Turkey, Ukraine, and Russia.

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