Scalable high-performance storage

Data storage requirements are growing at a double-digit rate and your company needs smarter solutions to manage storage capacity. Storage helps you balance performance and cost with an efficient and secure solution for your existing storage infrastructure.
Storage leverages fully-redundant shared and dedicated storage area networks (SANs) to provide high-availability and operationally efficient solutions while eliminating upfront capital expenditures.The service delivers multilevel performance and scalable storage space, all complemented by a broad range of managed services.


  • Easy access to your mission-critical data whenever needed
  • Reduces IT CAPEX allowing you to invest and focus on other areas of your business
  • Performance and cost trade-offs addressed by flexible variants
  • Multilevel performance for different applications
  • Immediate response to growing data storage requirements
  • Compliance with data security and regulatory standards
  • Eliminate complex capacity planning
  • Full proactive support in 24x7 Network Operations Centers


Provides enterprise-grade data storage featuring a redundant SAN to meet everyday business challenges.

The service suite delivers multilevel performance and scalable storage space to meet the demands of your business-critical applications and data:
  • Cost-effective storage tuned precisely to your needs
  • Scalability from hundreds of GBs to several TBs
  • A selection of performance and security levels to meet the demands of a variety of applications
Storage is ideal for customers seeking storage pool capabilities for their enterprise servers, applications and data. We offer multitiered storage to meet performance and security needs of different applications.

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Storage services are available across several environments – Virtual Hosting Environment, Dedicated Hosting, Colocation, or your company’s on-premises solutions.
  • Scalable storage for mission-critical data – the Tier 1 option is recommended for business-critical applications and databases that require the highest performance standards
  • Corporate websites – Depending on the traffic and content type, Tier 2 or Tier 3 is recommended
  • Long-term data security and archiving – Tier 3 recommended to satisfy regulatory requirements when performance and access are not crucial
  • Disaster recovery site – Tier 1 or 2, depending on importance of data replication or archiving 
Feature Storage
Performance Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Disc type SSD SAS SATA
Storage space shelf min 500GB min 500GB
Storage area network (SAN) Fiber Channel
iSCSI 1Gbps
iSCSI 10Gbps
Monitoring online storage performance reports
Service Level Agreement 99.99% storage availability
The Storage solution is available and accessible globally. BENESTRA platform is located within our professional data center in Bratislava, equipped with industry-leading physical and data security systems (CCTV system, secure chip entry cards, environmental protection system, 24x7 facility monitoring, on-site security).

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