Virtual Datacenter

Gain IT agility

A company’s IT infrastructure must be dynamic and adaptable. As businesses grow and become more reliant on computing resources, they begin to encounter performance and durability challenges.
Virtual Datacenter eliminates the constraints of a physical IT infrastructure by offering you access to an elastic pool of computing resources, that can be rapidly deployed in response to your business demands. Our VD provides a dynamic and fully scalable virtualized IT environment where you pay-as-you-grow (PAYG).


  • Enable IT resources to focus on other priorities
  • Reduce total cost of ownership with a PAYG model
  • Transparent and predictable cost structure with no hidden charges
  • Reduce development and deployment cycle times
  • Highest level of data security and operational reliability
  • Eliminate power consumption, cooling, and availability concerns
  • Best in class hardware components and latest software releases
  • Data backup, customizable security, advanced monitoring, and web self-care functionality
Our Virtual Datacenter service provides enterprise-class computing and networking resources located at BENESTRA’s premiere data center. The principal idea is to build a scalable and elastic environment of computing assets – servers, memory, applications, storage, and network components that allow you to gain greater agility and speed while saving costs.
  • Ready-to-use virtual servers with pre-installed operating systems
  • Enterprise-class technology (VMware, Cisco, and NetApp) delivers maximum flexibility and control of usage
  • Completely redundant platform architecture eliminates unexpected downtime due to infrastructure failures
  • Several levels of server separation using market-proven technology
  • Operated and monitored by experienced certified professionals
The VDC allows you to combine elements of physical and virtual infrastructures to meet your specific requirements. Combine it with Colocation and your own infrastructure for hybrid cloud environments.
Our VDC provides highly scalable computing assets for every type of enterprise application.

  • Hosting critical business functions – ERP, CRM, Billing, Intranet, and Extranet solutions
  • Creation of elastic on-demand test and development environments
  • Activate disaster recovery solutions with a simple click
  • Applications that experience event-based or seasonal traffic growth – e.g. ecommerce, gaming, model simulations, stress testing, big data mining

Alternatively, BENESTRA can provide you with your own private virtual infrastructure, completely independent of the public VDC platform.
Feature Virtual Datacenter
vCPU flexible allocation in 1 GHz increments
RAM flexible allocation in 1GB increments
Storage space flexible allocation in 50GB increments
Operating systems Windows / Linux
Resource usage statistics CPU / RAM / storage / network
Remote server access RDP / SSH
Web-based customer portal vCloud Director
OS and VHE service management optional service
supported by a professional service team
FW network protection ACL, vShield, vShield Edge, Dedicated FW
Service Level Agreement 99.99% platform availability
Connectivity Internet / IP VPN / Ethernet
Virtual machine self-management power on/off / reboot / create VM / delete VM
add/remove/change resources

The Virtual Datacenter solution is available and accessible globally. BENESTRA platform is located within professional BENESTRA Data center in Bratislava, equipped with industry-leading physical and data security systems (CCTV system, secure chip entry cards, environmental protection system, 24x7 facility monitoring, on-site security).

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