Network Storage

Highly scalable and resilient online storage

Network Storage is an affordable on-demand managed storage solution that is available over any network. When you need more space for your data, the service eliminates the need to plan for and purchase additional storage space. You save time and resources and no longer have to wait for delivery and installation. Network Storage provides you with a fast and easy method to store and access your files, media content, and archives.


  • Flexible storage - scalable disk size from a few hundreds GB to several TB
  • 24/7 platform independent access to data from all customer's locations 
  • Storage imune to outages, data loss, data corruption or attacks
  • Reduces CAPEX, allowing you to invest in and focus on other areas of your business
  • Build a predictable and effective cost structure
  • Zero investments into HW, SW, licenses or updates
  • Operation in top class datacenter (Tier3+)
  • ISO 27001:2013
  • Full proactive support in 24x7 Network Operations Centers


Network Storage is an easy-to-use file-level online storage service available through any network. The service operates as a file server running on specialized carrier-grade hardware and software tools with a super-redundant configuration.

With Network Storage, you no longer need to spend your limited capital on upfront storage hardware and maintenance. You gain access to unlimited, cost-effective, and fully secure data storage solutions with capacities ranging from 200GB to over 100TB.

Network Storage solutions provide a central remote storage space for file sharing, backups, or archives. It is available across several environments – Virtual Datacenter, Colocation, or your company’s on-premises solutions. The solution is ideal for when you’re seeking large storage space.

  • File server that can be shared among many servers or users
  • Shared web content for load-balanced web server farms
  • Temporary storage for log files or application workspace
  • Remote capability enables you to exchange data between offices across a IP VPN or the Internet
  • Archiving and data backup – you can create a space for data archives that can be uploaded either manually or with the support of external archiving software

Feature Network Storage
Flexible storage
from 200 GB up to several TB
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Access protocols


Several storage connection options to choose from
1. Internet / IPSec
3. Ethernet Line
4. Ethernet Line v datacentre
5. VLAN do virtuálneho datacentra
Physical data location BENESTRA Datacentrum (Tier3+), ISO 27001:2013
Service Level Agreement (SLA) 99,99 % dostupnosť služby

The Storage as a Service solution is available and accessible globally. BENESTRA platform is located within professional BENESTRA Data center in Bratislava, equipped with industry-leading physical and data security systems (CCTV system, secure chip entry cards, environmental protection system, 24x7 facility monitoring, on-site security).

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