Backup Storage

Be prepared for the unexpected

The service Backup Storage delivers reliable and timely data backup and restoration, securing all the data stored in your enterprise data. Thanks to simple and secure backup system based on principle disk-to-disk (D2D) you can focus on your business activities. The service helps you to back up not only company data, but also applications, databases and other system data. Maximize the uptime of data operations while saving time, money, and resources.


  • Secure your data and maximize service up-time with a world class backup system
  • Two billing options: Easy and Flexi
  • Fast and simple restore
  • Service management by BENESTRA experts
  • Reduce IT investments and focus on your core business
  • Create and execute your individual backup policy in minutes
  • Build a predictable cost structure for your data environment
  • Virtual platform with ISO 27001 and ISO 9001
  • Full support in 24x7 Network Operations Centers
The Backup Storage service is designed to protect and ensure the continuous availability for your critical business data, whether it’s located at a professional BENESTRA Virtual Datacenter or a virtual environment outside of the BENESTRA network. The solution delivers an easy to use interface that supports backup, recovery, and archiving from all types of operating systems, database instances and business applications. We offer a full spectrum of backup and recovery plans. Repurpose your IT resources and let BENESTRA experts manage the service for you.
BENESTRA provides a fully automated disk-to-disk data backup and recovery service leveraging market-leading Veeam software. Disk backup systems are automated and eliminate possible errors caused by physical handling of tapes. Reduce your recovery time for files to minutes instead of several hours with tape backup systems.

Stay in control of the whole process and restore files yourself with our self-management portal. The Backup service is easy to use, our backup client software is simple to install, and you can select the policy that best fits your business. Our professional support team is available 24x7 for any assistance and support.
Backup Storage is ideal for the backup and restoration of virtual machines, specific files or crucial databases allowing you to save time and safeguard your business:

  • Enabling a reliable business continuity plan
  • Regular preservation of business-critical application data
  • Ensure long-term data security, durability and archiving to meet regulatory compliance
  • Daily file system backup & restoration from servers 
Service Parameters Variant
Easy Flexi
Billing Monthly payment (flat) x number of virtual machines (VM) According to prepaid data backup volume + number of virtual machines (VM) + fee for over-limit data
Number of backup politics 1 (can be used for more VM in one vAPP)
Backup politics Full backup once a week / incremental backup each day / backing up data for 14 days Full backup once a week / incremental backup each day / backing up data for 14 days or individual based on customer's requirements
Number of full backups 3 3 or other number based on individual backup politics
Number of incremental backups 12 12 or other number based on individual backup politics
Number of full restores per month 1 1
Setup configuration Yes
Professional services Yes
Managed service Yes
Reports E-mail always after the backup process finishes
SLA 99,99 % availability
Number of backed up servers Unlimited (according to options of the used backup politics)
Backup of open files Yes (as a snapshot)
Backup origin Virtual servers / operating systems / databases / file systems run in BENESTRA VDC
Operating systems supported Windows / Linux / Mac / Unix / other

The Backup Storage solution is available and accessible globally. BENESTRA platform is located within professional BENESTRA Data center in Bratislava, equipped with industry-leading physical and data security systems (CCTV system, secure chip entry cards, environmental protection system, 24x7 facility monitoring, on-site security).

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