Case study: Can a company rely solely on WiFi connectivity?


How to meet complex infrastructure needs of a manufacturing factory using a relaible WiFi network.

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Managed Security in Cloud: 6 reasons that have made this product a success


The customer interest in the service Managed Security, which occurred last year, exceeded our expectations. There are several aspects that predetermined this service to be a big success ...

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BENESTRA – communication with customers in 2016


For information to have any value, it must be sent at the right time ...

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Do you know where your data are stored?


We live lives overloaded with digital information which we access whenever we like and using whatever device we want. Do you know where your data are stored?

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BENESTRA supports local university ice hockey


During the last five years BENESTRA played a crucial part in transferring TV signal from ice hockey games played at the Winter Olympic games as well as Ice Hockey World Championships.

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6 tips for choosing the new home for your server


What parameters should a customer consider when making a selection?

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More transparency towards customers


A customer is in need mostly in critical moments which occur during a service outage. Because some may experience problems to reach our call center during a major outage, we have launched a new solution.

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CLOUD: fears versus opportunities


Every IT guy knows the theory: the cloud is an answer to optimal amount of computing resources in any time.

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BENESTRA about the new FWA 3.7 technology in the TV program Svet Technologii on TA3


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Information security above all else


In august 2015, BENESTRA has successfully expanded the small number of companies in Slovakia that possess the certification ISO 27001 in the 2013 revision. 

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Secure company network – a dream of each IT manager


The amount of cyber-criminal activities going on in the Internet world is growing from day to day and their identification is becoming more difficult.

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