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The Antimonopoly Office has approved the merger of BENESTRA and SWAN


After today's decision of the Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic, there is nothing to prevent one of the most significant events in the national telecommunication market - the merger of BENESTRA and SWAN. The Office decided after more than seven months of detailed review ...

Shareholders of BENESTRA announce disposal of the Company to Sandberg Capital


Shareholders of BENESTRA (“Company”), formerly GTS Slovakia, have entered into agreement with Sandberg Capital, leading Slovak Private Equity, on the disposal of the entire stake in the Company. “We are delighted to announce this transaction, whi...

The Slovak network traffic record broken again: A hockey game against the USA set a new one


In less than 48 hours the Slovak Internet witnessed two records of data network traffic. After Sunday’s traffic peaking in the SIX at over 100 Gbit per second level, today it went even further and peaked at the maximum speed of 104 Gbit per second. The Sunday’s record was 101.3 G...

A new record of network traffic in Slovakia during the game Slovakia - Finland


The 100 Gbit per second of aggregated network traffic was exceeded the first time at the Slovak internet exchange (SIX). The maximum speed reached 101.3 Gbit per second. The last year’s record, which took place during the previous ice hockey championship during the game Slovakia &ndash...

BENESTRA replaces its complete WiMAX network with RADWIN


BENESTRA Slovakia replaces its complete WiMAX network with RADWIN 5000 JET PtMP Beamforming Solutions to deliver blazing-fast services BENESTRA deploys over 140 RADWIN base stations to serve 1300 enterprise customers. Piotr Sieluk, BENESTRA CEO: “With R...



Case study: Can a company rely solely on WiFi connectivity?


How to meet complex infrastructure needs of a manufacturing factory using a relaible WiFi network. Customer profile Akebono in Trenčín, Slovakia is a manufacturing company which belongs to Akebono Brake Industry Co., LTD., a Japanese specialist in developme...

Managed Security in Cloud: 6 reasons that have made this product a success


The customer interest in the service Managed Security, which occurred last year, exceeded my expectations.  The number of customers’ solutions grew by 350% compared to the previous year. Of course, we are still at the beginning of this particular product’s life cycle, but the result...

BENESTRA – communication with customers in 2016


For information to have any value, it must be sent at the right time. In BENESTRA we are aware that a satisfied customer is a key to success of any company. A satisfied customer must feel the interest from a provider not only when buying services but mainly ...

Do you know where your data are stored?


We live lives overloaded with digital information which we access whenever we like and using whatever device we want. With the ever growing electronic content, more and more we deal with the size of our storage. In case of a company data, the security issue is added into the equation. Choosing ...

BENESTRA supports local university ice hockey


During the last five years BENESTRA played a crucial part in transferring TV signal from ice hockey ga...