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BENESTRA replaces its complete WiMAX network with RADWIN


BENESTRA Slovakia replaces its complete WiMAX network with RADWIN 5000 JET PtMP Beamforming Solutions to deliver blazing-fast services BENESTRA deploys over 140 RADWIN base stations to serve 1300 enterprise customers. Piotr Sieluk, BENESTRA CEO: “With R...

BENESTRA has gained the security certificate ISO 27001


BENESTRA has gained the certification ISO 27001 in the newest 2013 revision. Now it can guarantee its clients the highest protection of digital information and equipment used for transmitting and storing data. The new security standards exceed those being given by the legislation. The fulfilment of ...

FWA 3.7 GHz - wireless connection for business customers


The telecommunication operator BENESTRA, a pioneer of new technologies in Slovakia, has successfully finished the main phase of building a new wireless infrastructure. The new network allows for providing fast and guaranteed internet connection to business customers. The FWA 3.7 GHz technology, ...

BENESTRA is the first provider to run services using 3.7 GHz frequency


BENESTRA started to build a new network and connect the first customers at the beginning of June 2015. By doing so the company has met one of the license criteria: to start using the given frequency within six months since the license permission coming into effect and make broadband serv...

Ice hockey world championship in numbers. 150 hours of live streaming without a single outage


This year world championship was attended by 16 countries which played 64 games altogether. 35 games were broadcast live for watchers of the nationwide public TV RTVS. Signals from both Prague and Ostrava to Slovakia were transmitted through a unique transmission technology. The redundan...



Do you know where your data are stored?


We live lives overloaded with digital information which we access whenever we like and using whatever device we want. With the ever growing electronic content, more and more we deal with the size of our storage. In case of a company data, the security issue is added into the equation. Choosing ...

BENESTRA supports local university ice hockey


During the last five years BENESTRA played a crucial part in transferring TV signal from ice hockey ga...

6 tips for choosing the new home for your server


Today there are several data centers in Slovakia equipped with cutting-edge technology, so choosing an operator is not always clear from the customer’s point of view. Customers are largely comparing quotes full of technical jargon and specifications that may seem quite complica...

More transparency towards customers


When designing and providing our services we have always underlined the importance of service quality. Quality relates to all factors starting from service parameters and functionalities through service availability to SLA parameters. One attribute of no lesser importance is the customer support &nd...

CLOUD: fears versus opportunities


Every IT guy knows the theory: the cloud is an answer to optimal amount of computing resources in any time. The dynamics and elasticity of cloud bring desired efficiency, mainly in case of cloud-burst activities (campaigns, seasonal sales, one-time events) or when the computing res...